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List of OnlyFans Banned or Forbidden Words to Avoid Getting Banned


Creating content on OnlyFans can be a lucrative endeavor, but it's crucial to understand and adhere to the platform's guidelines. One aspect that creators must pay close attention to is the use of prohibited or forbidden words. In this article, we will explore the list of words that you should avoid when chatting with fans or posting content on OnlyFans. Failure to comply with these restrictions may lead to account suspension or other consequences.

Understanding OnlyFans Restrictions

OnlyFans has specific rules in place to ensure a safe and respectful environment for its users. These rules extend to the words used in chats and content posts. It is important to familiarize yourself with the prohibited words to prevent any potential issues.

Restricted Words and Their Implications

Using restricted words on OnlyFans can have severe consequences. The platform employs automated systems to detect and flag any violations. Certain fetish content is strictly forbidden on OnlyFans, and using explicit words related to such content can result in account suspension or warnings. It is essential to be aware of these restrictions to maintain a successful and sustainable business on the platform.

Ensuring Compliance on OnlyFans

To avoid the risk of using restricted words on OnlyFans, it is important to understand how the platform identifies them. OnlyFans employs algorithms and filters that scan messages and content for prohibited words. Being mindful of these detection systems can help you maintain compliance.

Best Practices for Using Restricted Words

While some words are completely off-limits on OnlyFans, others can be circumvented through careful wording. For instance, if a particular word triggers a restriction, you can try using a different but similar word to convey the same message. Additionally, certain numeric restrictions can be bypassed by using alternative representations of the numbers.

Avoiding Account Suspension

Repeatedly using restricted words on OnlyFans can result in account suspension, and once suspended, it can be challenging to regain access to your account. Therefore, it is crucial to exercise caution and adhere to the platform's guidelines to maintain a successful presence.

Updates and Changes in OnlyFans Policies

OnlyFans made headlines with its decision to stop working with adult content creators starting from October 2021, although this decision was later reversed. However, it is always prudent to explore alternative platforms or diversify your content business to mitigate any potential risks.


Complying with OnlyFans guidelines regarding restricted words is essential for creators to thrive on the platform. By avoiding the use of prohibited words, understanding the implications, and exploring workarounds where possible, creators can maintain a sustainable and successful business on OnlyFans. THE LIST: Fifteen

  1. Diaper

  2. PayPal, Stripe, or any payment processor

  3. Eleven

  4. Any number in words less than eighteen.

  5. ManyVids or any other adult subscription platform like Fansly.

  6. Using the "N" word or any racially inspired slur or words.

  7. MILF or MILFs.

  8. Booking.

  9. Using words like Whatsapp, Telegram, or other communication platform names in chats.

  10. Cashapp.

  11. Pegging.

  12. Meet and MeetUp are also OnlyFans' banned words list.

  13. Posting a picture of real blood or bleeding is against OnlyFans TOS, and also using such words is also restricted.

  14. Animal, Abduct, abducted, abducting, Asphyxia, or other Asphyxia related words.

  15. Blacked (referring to an adult platform), Bloodplay, Bukkake, services, CBT

  16. Chloroform, choke, choking, or any choke-related words.

  17. Dog or any pet animals. Drinking, drunk, fanFuck, Fisting, flocked.

  18. Forced. Gangbang, bangbangs, golden, hooker, incest, inzest, jail, Jailbait.

  19. Menstruate or any words related to it. Molesting, Pedo,

  20. Pee, Piss, Poop, Rape, rapist, raping, Teen, suffocating, torture, Toilet, Zoophilia.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can using restricted words lead to account suspension on OnlyFans? Yes, repeatedly using restricted words and receiving warnings from OnlyFans can result in account suspension. It is crucial to follow the platform's guidelines to avoid such consequences.

2. What are some examples of banned words or censored words on OnlyFans? Examples of banned words on OnlyFans include explicit fetish terms, racially insensitive language, and words related to engaging in transactions outside of the platform.

3. How can I get around using banned words on OnlyFans? To avoid using banned words, you can try using alternative words with similar meanings or employing different spellings to convey the desired message.

4. Can I recover my OnlyFans account if it gets suspended due to restricted words? Account recovery after suspension is challenging on OnlyFans. It is crucial to adhere to the platform's guidelines to prevent such situations.

5. What are some alternative platforms to OnlyFans? In case you want to explore other platforms or diversify your content business, some alternative platforms include Patreon, JustForFans, and Fansly.

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