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If you found yourself here, I imagine you're already at least somewhat acquainted with my work in online Femdom. You know I produce clips of the kinky sort.


To me, "p*rn" is merely the tip of the iceberg, but I want to open with the obvious and indisputable in order to establish some credibility, before diving headfirst into the language you may interpret as hyperbolic or performative.

I’m MissFluo.


Nowadays, I’ve opted to be less particular about titles since acknowledging that I will forever evolve as a Domme. While I once believed I could only fulfill the "Girl" archetype, I've come to realize that I am limitless.​

I define my sexual energy and power, and frequent shape-shifting doesn't make it easy for titles to stick.

In lieu of a full biography or life story,  I’ll reserve this space for a (mostly) abridged interpretation of who I am, as well as what I am.

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Let's start with some transparency regarding what I am not:


I’m not a hypnotist, nor am I a trained Dominatrix.

I have never been employed at a dungeon, nor have I ever been trained in any aspect of BDSM.


Whatever it is that I do strictly stems from personal experimentation and self reflection, so you can't claim that I've been deceptive about my level of experience.

I'm only a pretty little pervert with control issues and an overactive imagination, who delivers kinky, intentionally disorienting monologues while scantily dressed. That's an honest, bare-bones description of what I am and what I do.

I'd like to think of my clips as the three-way love child of my perversions, my artistic eye, and my fluency in the language of erotic manipulation.

I strictly operate online, and while this may suggest limitations on my end, it's an approach that has allowed me to steer the psychological sex lives of thousands from afar. It's a pragmatic approach to my mass-indoctrination campaign, actually...


...and fortunately for me, this is my full time job.

I'm fortunate enough to create and sell art that reflects my filthy imagination, all while simultaneously satisfying the power-hungry succubus within.

I'm fulfilling a few dreams at once through this unorthodox career of mine, and I couldn't be happier that I'm thriving in it.


If all of the above is "too much" for you, you should know that my body of work is designed to enrapture submissives of every type: from the hardcore mental sadists, to the boys who crave the maternal embrace of “Mommy.”


Some files might even titillate the hidden submissive desires of the disillusioned “Alpha” males.

It’s very likely that you only sought me out to tickle the submissive side of your psychosexuality — from the comfort of your own home — just from time to time.

I empathize with that need, as a sexual deviant myself. I love providing a discreet space for you to explore this integral part of your identity, and I believe accepting your supposedly unorthodox sexuality can lead to growth in all areas of your life, if you allow it.


It's an important aspect of what I do, and one of the many reasons why I find this work fulfilling.

Of course, the ideal outcome is for you to fully embrace this as a lifestyle, and to eventually integrate this into your "real" life.

But if that isn't what you want — or if you don't find it feasible — it won't happen anyway, at least not in an organic and authentic way. You have to want this so badly that you develop a need. 

And while this doesn't apply to all of my fans, I can't promise that it won't eventually apply to you.

What I can guarantee is pleasure, even if you choose to stop at dipping your toes into these deep waters.


But if you're still here and read this long-winded "about me" page to completion, I think you're curious enough to explore my world a little more.

Well, this is just as much of a business as it is a passion and lifestyle. This is my job, so money motivates me, obviously.

Life thrust me into a lucrative career where I can capitalize on my sex appeal and sexual deviance, all while leveraging my eye for aesthetics to create erotic works of art.

As an artist and megalomaniacal pervert, this is a jackpot of a job. It's fun, it's weird, it pays well, and I'm damn good at it.

So, does getting paid negate my passion?

Yes, I get paid handsomely: through sales of my works, payment for interactions and services, and tributes from those who feel compelled to respectfully thank me for what I do.

I find it funny that I'm often mistaken for being a financial dominatrix, which is a common assumption in a world where "online Domme" is confused to be synonymous with "findomme." While I'm not necessarily bothered by the association, it implies that this is the bread and butter of my work as a Domme.

I'm an erotic artist who specializes in packaging and selling pleasure rooted in mental surrender, and surrender might manifest in the form of financial submission, depending on the viewer. These "pleasure packages" serve as the propaganda to indoctrinate the masses, so that I may satisfy my deeper needs...


...and this takes the nature of my occupation a step beyond just a "job."


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